Friday, July 20, 2012

TGIF I'm going to be thankful dammit!!!!

Ok, my last few blogs have been deep and heavy and that's ok. Its where I'm at in life and it's what I need to write, BUT that being said I also have joy in my heart for many things. I have strengths and I have all sorts of happiness in my life. 

So, today, I will share with you some things that make me happy about me! Things that I am thankful for in life. Things that I chose to let SHINE!

When we are struggling, it is all too easy to let ourselves be literally bogged down by all of the negativity that seems to be surrounding us, whether it be in the form if stress, abuse, jealousy, anger, family issues, money issues, school issues...hell you name it...its easy to allow ourselves to be completely bowled over by negative thoughts about situations and about ourselves. Often, they may not be our own negative thoughts and they may not be true and often aren't based in reality. Yet, somehow, we allow those thoughts to dictate who we are and we find ourselves feeling as those we are lying in a heap under all of these negative things, with barely an ounce of energy to get up, let alone lift away those negative perceptions and replace them with the more real and more positive ones. 

So today, I remove my heap. I give you my positives. 

I am STRONG. You hear me out there? Strong. I take back my power. I no longer GIVE you the ability to hurt me or mine! Got that? You better. 

I have so many talents. I do. I am soooo creative and I have been blessed with gifts. I can sing, I can sew (yes people still do that and I do it well), I am crafty, I can cook and bake...I could go on but then you guys might just get jealous. 

I love my family wildly. I am LOYAL. My children may not appreciate it yet, but I love them beyond comprehension. 

I am an optimist. Yes, an optimist. Even with all that I have been through and you guys ain't read nothin' yet) I really have a positive outlook on life. I love life. I don't get depressed often and when I do it isn't for long. 

I feel blessed. I really do and grateful. For so many things. For my children, for my sister, for my parents-flaws and all, for my education, for my intelligence, for chocolate (hey, I can't help it) for sunshine, for rain, for my home, for my truck, for my exes, for my struggles, for my triumphs, for it ALL!!!! For YOU GUYS!!!!!! 

Everything, every little piece of my life has made me who I am and I am pretty freaking special.

I am a good friend to others. I listen well. I might give too much advice though :-O I talk too much and with my hands (Hey, I am Italian-hold my hands down and I literally start to talk like a drunk walrus) 

Most of all I am thankful for my ability to overcome and endure. To smile in the face of pain. To triumph over hardships and to ultimately do so with a glad heart. 

I have made PLENTY of mistakes in my life. I have, but that is OK. 
I am ok. Hell, I am better than ok. I am freaking fabulous. Maybe not every minute of every day, but the person that I am is really amazing. 

I have amazing kids. 

My life is going to be everything I LET IT BE and then some. JOY will come because I am laying out the welcome mat to happiness and putting on a pot of tea. Its a journey. I still have to do the hard work and cry out the past. BUT...I can smile along the way.

Will you join me?

So, my wonderful readers, what are your strengths???



  1. LOVE. I've been through way too much lately myself, but I'm coming out stronger. You will too. xoxo

  2. We all will, it seems like something cosmic is going really does. The times they are a changin'


  3. I just told my bonus daughter the same thing...You are the only person in charge of how you feel. You can CHOOSE to continue to only see the negatives in your situation, or you can CHOOSE to look for the positive. Because unfortunately in life the negatives are far to easy to see, and the positives have to be looked for more closely. It's easy to see the negative, it's everywhere, but to make the choice to find the positive, is a powerful thing! I'm learning this myself, as I try to teach her, because I've spent the better part of my life focused on what was bad and wrong and negative, that I missed so much beauty, happiness, and peace in my life. NO MORE! I'm finding the silver lining to every grey cloud, and I'm looking for the rainbow at the end of every storm! You go girl! Thanks for your encouraging words and your bravery to share who you are with complete strangers! You are awesome! God Bless!

  4. This made me smile--smile big!!! I know you'll be just fine. Like you said, we'll all be just fine, IF we lead ourselved down that road. Take life and embrace it..we all have to do that for ourselves. We really do control our own destiny..WE know that. Knowing that is half the battle!!! Big ole' hugs and cheers to us!!! xoxoxox