Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not so fun at the Fair

****Warning Label**** this post is not for the faint of heart/the wimpy/the young/ or anyone who doesn't like graphic details. This is My story and it isn't pretty. I went through something this week that brought it up and I need to get it out. If you read it, I thank you. Do NOT feel sorry for me. I AM a survivor. Yes, I hurt. Yes, I struggle. BUT I AM ALIVE and I am a better person, in part because of all of my struggles. That being goes.

I am sure that through my therapy process, I will go through all the years leading up to this time, so I am going to jump to about my Junior year of high school. I had been dating the same guy since the end of January. He was my first. He was an ass. He cheated. He lied. He manipulated. But HE is not what this is about really, so we skip to late June early July of that year...1988. This boy and I were having issues (shocking I know) He was living with his brother and hanging out across the street at this guy's (we will call him K) house who was 20...he was there so often that I had to call over there to talk to him. Well, that led to me talking to K when I called to talk to my boyfriend, because I was 17 naive and unsuspecting. Honestly, I was totally clueless. K would get me on the phone and ask me questions and I had no idea why. So, because my boyfriend was there so much and there were no cell phones...they both knew where I was most of the time.

Forward to July 3rd or 4th. I was babysitting for a family. This is hard to explain because I babysit for several adults from the same family. On this night, I had all the kids at one house. I was at the grandparents house. (they had adopted one of their grandchildren and were raising her) So, I had that granddaughter, their daughter's 2 daughters and their son's boys.

Confused yet? I am. Bottom line. I knew this family. Very well. Creepy part. They lived in my Great grandmother's old house and my mother, my sister and I had lived in the very same house when we first moved back from Florida. Talk about strange.

Anyway...I just took some Ativan, hopefully I will be a tad less scattered as this progresses.

With me so far? Let's try to move on...

The evening that I was babysitting, K shows up where I am babysitting. I have blocked a lot of it out. I am trying to remember now and I can't. I remember he showed up and was just chatting with me. I remember that the kids were inside watching TV and it was after 8. I remember being in what was my old bedroom (how effed up is that?), but I don't recall how I got there. I remember not wanting him to touch me at all, but him doing it anyway. Next thing I know, I am flat on my back, screaming no. I don't remember him leaving. I don't remember the kids. I showered. I was numb, in shock.

The daughter and son whose kids I was babysitting came home. The daughter wanted me to go someplace with her and I was 17 and had just been raped. How much worse could my night be? She said, don't worry I will get you home. She was maybe 23 or 24. I was still in shock.

We went of all places to my boyfriend's brother's house. She had hooked up with him that night. She wanted to get laid. I wanted to go home. No one talked about rape in 1988 in small town America. So, I said nothing.

This "woman" didn't get me home until 7:30 am. I tried my best to explain the situation. That I was with the mother of 2 of the kids I was babysitting and didn't know what to do. I was a good kid. I did not get in trouble. I was responsible. I didn't drink. Yet, my mother and my step father chose not to listen. Instead, they grounded me. ALLLLLLLL summer. No phone, no friends. NOTHING. AND I had to work 40 hours a week for nothing in our family business. My kids haven't got a CLUE how easy they have it. Not a freaking clue.

Anyway, hurting like hell. Now grounded. Summer gone. Needless to say, I was pissed off at the world, but inside I was still little miss goody two shoes. I was so naive and so clueless about the world and boys and even what had happened to me.

Within a week, I had devised a plan to runaway. No lie. I had about $70 saved. I lived way out in the country and I went out my bedroom window one night and left a note. I don't even remember what it said.

I found my way to a phone and called a cab. I got to town. I found I had no place to go. Eventually I landed at a friend's house who had another young woman staying with her and her parents. Here's where my being so innocent and clueless got me into trouble. No one knew how innocent and clueless I was, everyone including my family wrongly assumed I had a clue. Oh, but if only!!!!!

This other girl was a year older and waaaaaaaaaaay more worldly that I was. She was dragging me all over with her. I went along. I had no idea what she was into at all. She was into men and boys and whoever. I don't know her history or how she got to be the way she was, I only know that as I followed her around, it was presumed that I was promiscuous when I was not. (but I didn't realize that this was the assumption until years later, looking back)

This leads me to the fair. (you wondered when we would get there didn't you?) This young woman knew one of the carnies and he was much older and could I entertain his 19 year brother while she was hanging out with the guy. Uh, ummmm, I don't know him, but ummm maybe I guess. So, off she went. It was during the day and the place was practically deserted. Most carnies sleep in, it seems because they are up late partying or so I was told. So, this guy and I were walking around and he said he needed something from one of the tents. I'm clueless and I go with him. These are huge tents and again there is no one around even though its broad daylight, (Ativan, you can help me now)

First, he tries to kiss me, eh I'm kinda shocked...kinda creeped out. I back away. He pushes forward. I put my hands up and push back but carnies carry heavy shit all the time and this kid is built and my 115 pound ass is a joke to him. He just kept walking at me until I was up against a table. Then he pushed me onto the table, on my back. I am 5 ft 3 inches tall folks, my feet no longer touched the ground, I had no leverage and couldnt even move my torso. He was holding me down while I was screaming and managed to drop his pants. (lotta good that shit did with NOBODY TO HEAR) So, he shoved me down which hurt and ripped off my shorts, pinned me to the table with his hands then did his business. No condom. Rapists don't have safe sex. Rapists don't care about anything. Not the girl. Not pregnancy, STD's NOTHING. I stopped screaming and just turned my head away from his kissing attempts and cried. Then he pulled his pants up and fucking left. Just. like. that.

I don't swear much but..


The first time I didn't know what had happened, but the 2nd time I did. I told my boyfriend, for all the good it did me. I was a runaway. I didn't have my family. I had no witnesses. Gah. My boyfriend wanted to beat him up.

I wanted to die.

I have literally avoided the County Fair for over 20 years. I have slipped through the side gate to the Demolition Derby, but that is as close as I have been since 1988. No lie.

Until Monday.

I now live on the same street at the Fairgrounds.

It taunts me every time I drive my son to school. Every time I drive to Walmart. I literally drive by the ever loving place a few times a day. I don't always think of it. I'm 41...I have semi dealt with it I suppose. But my daughter wanted to go. My kids Aunt came over with my 10 year old niece. All ready to go to the freaking fair. I said "I don't go to the fair." Response, "Well neither do I, but the kids wanna go and if you go I will have someone to talk to." I have know her since we were 14, in my head I prayed she remembered but it was my pain and clearly she didn't because I tried several times to deter the group from this plan from hell.

So, I gathered up ALL THE FREAKING COURAGE I had and I agreed to go. I changed my clothes. I took some Ativan. I put bug spray on and I went.

I was freaking inside but nobody would ever have known. The kids were having a blast. They rode rides. I watched the carnies like a hawk. Don't look at me or my peeps funny or I will spork your eyes out, ya hear????? I was afraid to look at name tags. I remember the asshat's name, you see. I do not recall his appearance and I hope time has been unkind to him. I was shaking inside if not outside. I can't take a full dose of Ativan, so I wasn't as calm as I would have liked.

But, I freaking did it.

The kids aunt and I talked and the kids had fun.

The next day my nerves about gave out. I wanted to cry and just be freaking held so bad. I no longer have a true inner circle. I have a friend who I trust and love, but she has a big family and isn't always free so I wasn't able to unload. I messaged a long distance friend and that helped, but I never got to really cry.

My kids are tired of seeing me fall apart. They are older boys and they don't get it. I can not burden my daughter with something of this nature at 10 years old.

It really sucks to feel alone and isolated.

It sucks that I feel like my life has been such a mess. It sucks to feel like I have no one I can talk with.

BUT, I will figure this out. I will persevere. I will be ok and I will show my daughter what its like to be healthy and show my boys that women deserve better.

I will LOVE me no matter what my past is and know that it is ok.


  1. Wow...I don't really have any other words for you. I'm sorry. I applaud your ability to put this into words for your own therapy. Continue your will be hard, but it will be worth it! Good luck

  2. I didn't know I posted it yet!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!


  3. wow.. I'm in shock after reading this. You are such a strong woman. To be able to go back to one is simply amazing. You are doing a great job as a mom. Your kids love you for it. I wish I was able to put into words some of the things I went through but I'm not strong enough. <3 Nerdy mom

  4. My heart is breaking for that 17 year old girl...and the 41 year old woman. I'm proud of you for #1) sharing your story and #2) facing your fear and taking your kids to the fair. I know we're hundreds of miles apart and don't know each other in 'real life', but I consider you a friend, and am here for you if you ever need to talk.

  5. i was raped too the first time was a gang rape and no beleived me until they called my house 3 yrs later and said if i didnt go out with their cousin they would do it again. the second time i was living alone and i was raped the da called me and told me to drop the charges because even though they had his blood on my shirt they had no case and no one would beleive me. my hat is off to you for keeping you head up high do remember you are not alone we most stick togather and even though its hard to relive we most let our baby girls know the world isnt as safe as we have made it for them. you are in my thoughts and heart forever now with that story stay brave and stay strong much love to you

  6. I can relate to your story on SOOO many levels!! I'm glad you took a step to try to overcome this. I never have and I'm 33! you inspire me Mrs. Brady! Whether its to start a "Stories of a Ghetto Mom" or just in life in general! :)

  7. Wow...I'm glad you were able to put it in to words, maybe now you are strong enough to tell your story to your family or maybe go to therapy !! If it were me, I would have been so set on revenge I would have told everybody and their brother and made sure they were taken care of !! Castration is too good for both of them !! Stay strong Girl !!

  8. I am so sorry. So, so sorry. (((hugs)))

  9. I wish a road trip were in the works right now. Love you, so so much. Please don't hesitate to call me, I'm here for you day or night. If you need me, I'm here. I'm sorry you have gone through so much, I wish I could help take the load off your shoulders.

  10. I'm so proud of you for writing this and releasing it! And I'm proud of you for going to the fair! For not letting your fear control you, but you learning to control your fear.

    I know most of us are a million miles away, but we love you!

  11. Hugs to you Mrs. Brady! Thank you for telling your story. I am proud of you for taking the chance to go and letting go of your fear if only a little.

  12. I have to say thank you to all of you that posted comment. My love for you is immeasurable. The love that has been shared, the women who have had similar experiences. I did this to unload it. I never expected this. I didn't. I am by no means perfect in my journey, but I have done some of the work. To think that I help other women is awe inspiring. It is. Days like this I wish I hadn't left my Social Work degree behind.

    I love you guys.

    Remember, if you read this and it reminds you of your story, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

    Remember, if you have been blessed enough not to have an experience like this...behind almost every girl you think of as a slut or as something like this. Someone hurt her and made her think her body wasn't hers to keep for herself so she gives it away.


  13. Thank you for sharing... You ate helping many!