Monday, June 4, 2012

Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask...

So, this award is going around and I am trying to decide if it's torture or a blessing. just kidding. I am having one of those days and I am going to use this to make it better. If it kills me. My dear, sweet, doll faced friend/sister person Adventures of a Cornfed Farm Princess thinks I need to blog more. How can I argue with her? She carries a spork. 

Oh, I was able to get that in the object of this award, is to share pieces of little ol' me with you all. 
The rules are as follows...stolen from You Know It Happens at Your House Too

As with all Blogging peer awards, there are rules attached.  I actually like this part because it gives us all a chance to get to know each other just a little better.  So here goes, the rules and regulations:

1.  Thank and link back to the awarding blog.  (done ^ up there)
2.  Answer seven questions. (Ohhhhkay...)
3.  Provide 10 random factoids about yourself.  (Random!  I've got that covered.)
4.  Hand the award on to 7 deserving others.   (Can do!)



One??? Just one? Not even remotely possible. I LOVE music. At any moment in life, I can relate a song to it. Any. One song that defines me...Tori Amos Silent All These years. I love Tori. I have a few albums that I couldn't live without if I were stranded on an island. Tori's Little Earthquakes would be on that list. I Love most music, 


I LOVE chocolate, BUT I am a sucker for all things cinnamon. At a restaurant, my 1st pick would be Cannoli. Hands down.


I bottle and bury anger/pain/hurt/ frustration very, very well. As in for months, maybe years. It will come out sideways, in frustration with little things. Then, one day, I will just spill over like Mt. St. Helen's. Not good and I know it. I work very hard at expressing myself but life has not taught me that that is safe so I take baby steps.


Susie, the sweetie we got when 2 of our other dogs were hit by cars. She lived a long time and I adored her. She used to sleep by my feet. 


Does Italian bread count???? I love 12 Grain bread from Aldi's too. Alas, I am going gluten free and saying good bye to bread.


Losing one of my babies, Just like most mothers, I imagine. 


Most people who meet me, think I am happy-go-lucky, easy going, and I have it all together. I think I am a big faker. But, I TRY. I really do and I enjoy people, I NEED to be social. I try to be thankful, for what I have all the time. I try to surrender to NOT being in control. I'm much more of a mess inside than out. My hope is that SOMEDAY I really do have it together like people think I do. 


1. I have been to China-yes, China. 

The toilets are in the floor. You squat to go. No lie. I can't make this up. It was a super cool experience. Those are my cute toes by the way...and the green package in the corner. Wipes. We used them for our feet, not just our unmentionables. 

I could do an entire blog about was very cool. 

2. My favorite drink is Coca-cola. It's harder to give up than anything else. It was cheaper than water in China-I drank a lot of it. I am salivating as I type. 

3. I have a severe MSG reaction so I got very sick in China-they use it the way we do salt SO, I ended up spending almost every afternoon at Starbuck's. It saved me. First off, the coffee in China was terrible, second, the food was safe. Air conditioning, comfy couches, good coffee and salad. I was in heaven.

4. I could live without TV, but not books, and they have to be real books with pages. I love to read and read and read. I read many genres, but I am a sucker for romance. Honestly, I could probably live a few hundred years ago and be fine as long as I have books, but I would miss you guys.

5. I dream about writing a book someday. 

6. I love to draw and I am pretty good. I love all things artsy. Oh and I sew too!

7. I sing. I was a drama geek in school and if I could be one now I would be. Maybe not famous, but I love to sing. Almost every Sunday, I get up in front of a few hundred people and belt out Christian Rock songs with a friend. No one's ears bleed. Microphone and all     :-O

8. I am a silent grammar Nazi, but a TERRIBLE typist. When people speak incorrectly, I have taught myself not to be rude and correct them out loud. I can NOT type to save my life. I do it too quickly and I make errors non stop so I know I look like an idiot. Hence, learning to keep my mouth shut when others talk. 

9. I still to this day can NOT drive the same route I drove the day I got into my car accident. I almost had to when we had the tornadoes and I panicked. I would have let my 13 yr old drive. I actually looked at him and said "you're driving, I can't do this." Then I talked/mumbled to myself until I found a side road to take. I almost had a full on panic attack with a truck FULL of kids. My son talked me down. I managed to stay sane and we made it home. I was kind of proud. 

10. I have a Master's of Science in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis while In China right before I graduated. I have never practiced. I am a healer at heart with a background in counseling and education. So, I ended up working as a substitute teacher. Every time I put my resume out there, I am told I am OVER qualified or a risk because I may leave to pursue my career. The thing is, I love being a sub. I love the teachers I work with and I work almost entirely off of request because of the kids. I have had teachers stand in the hall and jokingly fight over me and refer to me as theirs. THAT is an awesome feeling. It's the best job I have ever had. I adore them. 

So, Now I have to award 7 blogs who haven't been awarded yet.

Somewhat Sane Mom I love her. She makes me smile. She drinks with both hands. She was one of my first FB friends. Cheers. 

Organized People Are Just too Lazy to Look for Stuff- She is on an amazing journey and I love and respect her for sharing it and for fighting. Tina...I applaud you! 

Trailer Park Not Trash-This. I love her. I miss her. I don't know when she will have time to do this but I pray that she does. I need to see her words. I love you TPNT 

Blissfully Discontented-I respect the heck out of this mama too. I love that she shares her journey with us. I love her. You are amazing!!!!!!

Mommyto3Monsters- She has a blended family and its growing by the minutes. Soon to be Mommy to 4 monsters. This lady feels my pain and I hers. She keeps it real. I love you. Human and all. 

My Group Therapy-I love her. I just do. Real, to the heart stuff. I get it and I love that she shares it. I love you even if you are in Mississppi. Clicking my heels...clicking my heels. I would so hang with you girl.

Just Another Tired Mommy She makes some of the best, I mean BEST ecards ever. She is awesomesauce. I love her. 

I love lots of others but many have been tagged already. If I tagged you...take the bait. Pretty please???? I might keep blogging after all. I have more funnies in my head. I just might share. 

This is a 1000 year old street in Southern China. This is my favorite picture from my trip. Maybe you have to have seen it to appreciate it. This little boy was less than 2 and worked all afternoon. 

I love you guys!



  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I'm proud of you for doing this - love you! (And I would read the HECK out of a blog about China, just fyi. HINT. lol)

  2. Thank you for this! I love learning new things that really show what makes people tick! I can't wait to respond=)

  3. "I am a silent grammar Nazi, but a TERRIBLE typist." I can so relate to this! I also love that you went to school for accupuncture and you traveled to China. Very cool!
    I am sorry you have RA. I have it too and it can suck sometimes.
    I came here from the Somewhat Sane Mom. Nice to meet you! Marian @ just keep swimming

  4. Welcome Marian. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Nice to meet you too. My journey with RA has been a rough one. Very aggressive for me. It sucks.